Dept of NY VFW at the State Fair

- 8/26/2021

We all know how important it is to get out in public, show people what we are about, what we can offer, and how we stand to the Motto: NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS, and what better place than the state fair. 
Dist 5 CMDR Scott Cox, and his Senior Vice Paul Hrynio Sr. worked hard to make that happen. While it is unknown, it may be the first time ever the VFW was present at the State Fair. With all going on, it was unclear if the event would be a success, and well as it goes, we know that even signing one veterans up, or getting them help is well worth it. Though it was not as crowed as a normal year at the State Fair would be things went great. 
CMDR Cox and his team have secured 70 new applications, reinstated 2 members, and transferred 2 members to posts here in NY. They also helped connect 6 veterans to Veterans Services, and handed out about 22 Auxiliary Applications. 
Doing events like this take a lot of prep, and require a bunch of recourses, and with the help of PSC Gene Ratigliano, and State Adjutant Bob Mitchell, CMDR Cox was able to get swag from National Membership Program (Thanks Rick McKenna and Rick Butler). 
While CMDR Cox is working each day with help of his service dog CHEWY, he has been assisted greatly by his Sr Vice Hrynio, and has also had working the booth, State Media Chair Dave Rogers, State Surgeon Less Crossett, John Fox and this week State CMDR Mike Hoag. 
If you are in the area and can help stop by, even if it is to say hi and maybe bring Scott some lemonade.